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Hello there!

This is my first game on itch. The game's name is JU.

Why choose JU as game's name?

Actually, it is the name of a piece in Chinese chess. When I played Chinese chess whit my uncle, it suddenly occurred to me that why not add the rule of JU to a simple maze map. So I made this game, JU.

How to play?

WSAD/↑↓←→ control the green cube to move the red area.

Don't worry too much about operation, it's really easy.

Have fun :D

More information

Published May 09, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Unity
Tags3D, low-poly

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There are four available versions:

- windows 32

- windows 64

- Mac

- Linux

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Release0.2.zip 16 MB
version0.3.zip 12 MB

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